Thursday, November 19, 2009

Headless Girl Grows Hands

Work on the "Headless Girl" moves forth--I've painted in more detail in the hands with encaustic.  There's still some awkwardness to be resolved but it was good to get into a rhythm of actually painting with the wax rather than layering, transferring, or embedding.

It's tempting to take the wax paper off so I can see the painting in its entirety, but then I'd just have to re-attach it, so I've resisted so far...

I've also started another in my pattern series.  I plan on making a grid with five or so more.

Here's one of my earlier pattern encaustics.  There was something appealing about the simplicity of these, so I did not add further layers.  The visible grain of the wood seemed to work well with the tissue pattern paper and I liked the single overlap--not too overdone (overworking is usually my specialty!)

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