Thursday, November 19, 2009

Headless Girl Grows Hands

Work on the "Headless Girl" moves forth--I've painted in more detail in the hands with encaustic.  There's still some awkwardness to be resolved but it was good to get into a rhythm of actually painting with the wax rather than layering, transferring, or embedding.

It's tempting to take the wax paper off so I can see the painting in its entirety, but then I'd just have to re-attach it, so I've resisted so far...

I've also started another in my pattern series.  I plan on making a grid with five or so more.

Here's one of my earlier pattern encaustics.  There was something appealing about the simplicity of these, so I did not add further layers.  The visible grain of the wood seemed to work well with the tissue pattern paper and I liked the single overlap--not too overdone (overworking is usually my specialty!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day of Paper Doilies

No, I'm not baking muffins.  Old tuna cans are filled with encaustic medium for later use. I'm now running low on my big supply and will need to mix up more soon.

I came across a stash of paper doilies in my studio and started experimenting with them.
Here's the result of my experimenting: a soft, lacy looking design. I think I've got winter on the brain--it has a "snowflake" feel.

Here's a closeup of the "wintery" encaustic. I've rubbed oil paint into the recessed areas to highlight the texture.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Headless Girl Continues...

After painting the dress in oil and getting a start on the background with pastel, I've covered the entire surface with wax paper and cut through it to expose the arms and neck--now I'm working on creating the skin with encaustic.